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Quantity Surveying

As a professional quantity surveyor service, KV Arthur Associates Ltd manages all aspects of construction costs for your company. From initial calculations to labour costs, material costs, and final figures, our team are experts when it comes to calculating the costs of a project and enhancing value for money without compromising on quality.

As a commercial and industrial quantity surveyor, we have worked on projects of all sizes to offer a professional, reliable, and efficient service that adheres to Irish building regulations.

With years of industry experience, our team is dedicated to collaborating closely with clients, working on-site or in an office to ensure a transparent and clear service where you are in the loop regarding all decisions being made.

From full Galway project management to cost calculating, we offer a highly professional and reliable quantity surveying service to help your construction project run smoothly.

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Offering a Full Range of Quantity Surveying Services



During your construction project, we prepare and tender all documents for a smooth and efficient service. These documents include bills, contracts, quotes, strategy write-ups, health & safety documents, and more. As a qualified and accredited quantity surveying service, you can rest assured of a reliable and compliant job.

 Risk Assessmen

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment is vital for any construction project. Here at KV Arthur Associates Ltd we offer full risk assessment services, performing full risk management, value management, procurement strategies, and more. We also identify, analyse, and develop responses to all commercial and industrial risks that could arise.

Value Management

Value Management

To save you time and money, KV Arthur Associates Ltd provides full value management services. During this service, we prepare and analyse costing for tenders, allocate work to subcontractors, offer advice on costs and claims, and even analyse final outcomes with detailed progress reports to ensure that you’re getting quality and value for money.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Health and Safety procedures are vital for the smooth and compliant completion of any construction project. KV Arthur Associates Ltd fully understands the implications of health and safety regulations and ensures that these are adhered to from beginning to end of your full construction project.

Advice & Recommendations

Advice & Recommendations

As experts in the construction industry, KV Arthur Associates Ltd are always on-board to offer professional advice and recommendations on all things from funding and facilities management to cost, maintenance, health & safety, subcontracting, and more. With experience in quantity surveying for commercial and industrial clients, no question is too big or small for us to answer.

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Quantity Surveying FAQ

  • I’m looking for a quantity surveyor near me, can you help?

    KV Arthur Associates Ltd is a Galway Quantity Surveyor offering professional quantity surveying services to clients across Ireland. If you’re an industrial or commercial company who wants to begin construction work, get in touch with the team today.

  • How much does a quantity surveyor cost?

    The cost of hiring a quantity surveyor varies depending on the type of services you require. Get in touch with the team at KV Arthur Associates today for a free quote on our full range of Galway quantity surveyor services.

  • What does a quantity surveyor do?

    The main role of a quantity surveyor is to oversee all aspects of construction including cost assessments, subcontracting, health & safety protocols etc. Alongside these jobs, the team at KV Arthur Associates offers full project management services, building inspection services, loss assessment, bank monitoring, and more.