KV Arthur Associates Ltd

provides professional Bank Monitoring Services to banks & lending institutions across Ireland


Bank Monitoring

KV Arthur Associates Ltd offers a specialist monitoring service to banks and other lending institutions. This service ensures that the interests of the lending institutions are protected during the course of a development process, safeguarding your investment and lending services.

During our bank monitoring services, an initial report will be prepared which will address issues such as building cost provision, the building contract, performance bond, level of contingency, contract completion dates, extent of PC, and provisional sums.

A monthly financial report will then be submitted to the lending institution which will review the items covered in the initial report. The report will also address such issues as contract variations, the value of work completed, review of programme and any contractual claims.

KV Arthur Associates Ltd liaises with the developer to discuss any discrepancies between actual performance and planned performance on site and a detailed report will be included in the monthly financial report, helping to streamline drawdowns.

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Offering Reliable & Unbiased Bank Monitoring Services

Offering Reliable & Unbiased Bank Monitoring Services

  • Liaising Between Bank & Individual/Developer

  • Labour, Materials & Other Cost Reports

  • Building Cost Provision

  • Building Contract Filing

  • Performance Bond Documents

  • Contract Completion Date Estimation

  • Provision Sums

  • Monthly Financial Reporting

  • Cost Reviews

  • Change Reports

Bank Monitoring FAQ

  • What does a bank monitoring service do?

    A bank monitoring service works as a liaison between banks and individuals to provide clear and transparent reporting on plans, costs, and contracts related to building projects that require money from a lending institution.

  • How much does it cost to hire a bank monitoring service?

    The price of hiring bank monitoring services varies depending on the type of service you require. Get in touch with the team at KV Arthur Associates Ltd for a free quote on our full range of bank monitoring services.

  • Do you work with all banks?

    Yes, KV Arthur Associates Ltd can work with all Irish banks and lending institutions.