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offers quality Building Survey services for all commercial & industrial properties


Building Surveys

Whether you’re looking to sell a property, receive planning permission for new construction works, or simply want a full snag list created for your property, we can help. The team at KV Arthur Associates Ltd provides professional Galway building surveyor services for commercial and industrial properties, fully inspecting your property to identify any faults or damage in need of repair. Here at KV Arthur Associates Ltd, our experienced team of Chartered Surveyors are specifically trained in the process of diagnosing and analysing property problems or defects and recommending specific repairs where required.

We also act as an expert witness service for legal proceedings and can prepare detailed reports for management companies and building agents. With a range of building inspection services available, our team works to identify cracks, mould, mildew, condensation, damp penetration, poor workmanship, structural issues, and more.

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Building Snag Lists

As a Chartered Surveyor service, you can rest assured of quality and reliability with services from KV Arthur Associates Ltd. Alongside our range of standard building surveyor services, we provide full snag lists for all properties, offering a detailed inspection of new properties to identify any specific problems or defects prior to purchasing or signing of contracts for closure of sale. Our snag lists are completed in accordance with all Irish building regulations and can be re-inspected and re-drawn on completion of necessary works where required.

Building Surveys FAQ

  • What does a building survey include?

    A building survey includes a full inspection of a property to identify defects. This inspection will survey the floors, walls, roof, foundations, and structures of the building to identify faults such as cracks, damp penetration, mould & mildew, poor workmanship, and more.

  • How much does it cost to hire a building surveyor?

    The price of hiring building survey services varies depending on your location and the type of building you need to be serviced. Get in touch with KV Arthur Associates Ltd for a free quote on our building inspection & surveying services.

  • Should I get a building inspection done on a new build home?

    Yes. Alongside our full range of commercial and industrial building surveys, KV Arthur Associates Ltd offers full house inspections and house surveying services suitable for new builds and domestic properties.